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Aidan D. speaks to the Objectification of Trans Identity

The Objectification of Transgender People Written by: Kesley Aidan Davis As a transgender individual, I have noticed and encountered many…

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Nov 19 Just Us
Nov 19 T.Y.M.E. (Trans Youth Meet to Empower)
Nov 20 Becoming Us
Nov 26 Just Us

Welcome to Just Us

Just Us is a program at Oasis Center dedicated to helping lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth to achieve their full potential. Specifically, Just Us provides LGBT high school students a liberating space where they can be authentic and celebrate the fluidity of identity.

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Student Spotlight


I live for reading. I love to help people and help them find their voice. It took me so long to find mine and it was so hard. So if I can advocate, fight, and help strengthen those who have been silenced or those who have yet to find their voice, then I can leave this world knowing I can make a difference.

Leslie is a regular at Just Us. He is a social activist both in and outside of his role on the Students of Stonewall.

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