Students of Stonewall HS Leader Application

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Students of Stonewall Application 2017-2018
Preferred Name
Legal Name
Date of Birth
Home Phone
Cell Phone
Grade Level 2016-2017
Gender Identity
Sexual Orientation
Gender Pronouns
Emergency Contact (Parent/Guardian)
How did you hear about Oasis Center?
Part II Skill Inventory and Short Answer Questions
Please check all skills/experience that you have:
Check all skills/experiences you have:
Please answer the following questions so we can get to know you better.
Why are you interested in becoming a student leader on the Students of Stonewall?
What do LGBTQ people need in order to thrive?
If you've been involved in a leadership program or held a leadership position, describe your role and/or experience. If not, what type of leader would you like to be?
How do you practice self-care and take care of yourself?
What kind of changes would you like to see within the communities to which you belong?
Please download the recommendation form below and have a teacher, mentor, employer or other non-family member complete it on your behalf.


Recommendation Form