Our Students

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Lexie :


I am a student activist for the fair treatment of all people, a technology enthusiast, and a language lover. My favorite thing about Just Us is having an environment where everyone can be considered a friend, and nothing about people will be judged. My experiences in Just Us and TYME have made me more confident and open to making friends. In the Students of Stonewall, I’ve learned how to reach out and make an impact on my community.

Leslie :


I live for reading. I love to help people and help them find their voice. It took me so long to find mine and it was so hard. So if I can advocate, fight, and help strengthen those who have been silenced or those who have yet to find their voice, then I can leave this world knowing I can make a difference.

Leslie is a regular at Just Us. He is a social activist both in and outside of his role on the Students of Stonewall.