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Counseling Services. The Just Us program offers counseling for youth and families seeking assistance related to gender identity and/or sexual orientation. We offer group, family, and individual counseling, as well as referrals to medical providers, legal assistance, and other providers as needed. Learn more about our youth counseling group Pride Posse.

Intake Meeting with the Therapist and a Parent/Guardian. The first step is an intake meeting with the therapist, youth, and a parent or guardian.  During this time, the therapist will review important information about limits to confidentiality and Oasis counseling procedures.

Free Services. Oasis recognizes that mental health care isn’t always a budgeted expense, and so we are committed to offering quality counseling services free of charge. We do not bill insurance.

Contact: Madison Holladay, M. MFT at (615) 983-6884 or to get more information or to schedule an intake meeting.  Please make note that sometimes there is a wait list for services.

Counselor Information: The counselor for Just Us is Madison Holladay, M.MFT, under the supervision of Cheryl Mendez, Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW).

Crisis Information: If you are in need of immediate assistance from someone on our crisis team, please call the Oasis 24/7 Crisis Line at (615) 327-4455 or 911.